The Path of Grace: My Journey Part 1

Season #3

The spiritual path is a choice -- not to be spiritual, but to be fully human.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We don't have to 'be' spiritual -- we already are.

Our challenge is to be fully human. And that means fully accepting our humanity.

Part of our human nature is the ego. 

In spiritual work, we're told we must transcend the ego. And this is true.

But we can't transcend something until we fully embrace it.

Spirituality is not the denial of everything that comes with being human. It's accepting it as exactly what is needed for our spiritual growth.

Today we begin a new journey together on The Path of Grace -- my path.

In this series, a sort of 'prequel' to the popular series on how I manifested my dream home in France, I'm going to share with you as openly as I can about my own journey on the spiritual path -- the challenges and dark nights of the Soul that have been mine to navigate, and how I got through them.

My hope is to accompany you on your journey so that you'll feel less alone as you do the same.

Today I share...

  • how I met my Spiritual Teacher, even though I wasn't looking for one
  • why you shouldn't get down on yourself or discouraged on the spiritual path
  • the truth about spiritual work, and why it can look like your life is falling apart when you commit to Self-Realization

And much more, including walking meditations in the snowy French Alps, actor ego trips, and how you can back up into the best thing that's ever happened to you even though you've resisted every step of the way.

I also open up the floor for questions that have come up during this series (see the link below to submit yours), to which I will devote an entire future episode! 

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