The Path of Grace: My Journey Part 2

Season #3

When the student is ready, the Teacher appears.

As if in answer to a question posed from deep inside the heart, I stumbled into the path of the one who became my Spiritual Teacher.

This question had no words -- it was more like a soundless cry for help that went out from me in a broadcast of concentric waves.

And with the readiness, those waves came back as an answer from the Universe and coalesced in form in the snowy French Alps.

This episode is the story of how, in the months before that life-changing encounter, the readiness came about.

I share with you...

  • how my session with a Wall Street stockbroker-turned intuitive healer broke the hard shell of the ego so that I could be open to transformation, and what to do if you're being 'pushed off the wheel'
  • how to recontextualize the ego by understanding its structure and evolutionary origins so that you don't take it personally and mistake it for you
  • the realization that I had never known what yoga was despite many hours of training and practice, and the refreshingly unconventional 'no rules' approach of my Teacher
  • my experience of the transformational power of the field of unconditional love, and how it propelled me into a higher state of awareness and opening of the heart

... and much more, including werewolves, the power of language to kill or to heal, and permission to 'mess it up'.

The floor is officially open for your questions (see the link below to submit yours), to which I will devote an entire future episode! 

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