The Grace of Forgiveness: Physics and Forgiveness

The act and process of forgiveness really boils down to one of the basic, fundamental skills we develop with spiritual maturity, which is the ability to consciously choose the frequency we are broadcasting at any given time, knowing that that frequency creates the reality we experience.

In this episode, I talk first about the physics behind the process of forgiveness
, and then share a practice you can use to generate and maintain a powerful field of compassion which can transform your relationship to people and situations from the past or in the present.

Here are some of the key points you'll learn:

  • how our consciousness generates a vibration and transmits it to the universe
  • how we can rehabilitate trust in our subtle senses and learn to change the channel on our energetic broadcast to dwell in healing, elevated emotions - regardless of our circumstances
  • why forgiveness is the choice of the spiritually mature

I'lll share with you how to work with the energy of lovingkindness to help you in your practice of forgiveness, as a specific frequency of feeling that raises our vibration, and I give you a practice for generating a powerful field of compassion that can include your past and present.

You'll come to understand that the grace and power of forgiveness cannot be understood through the intellect, nor does it take place there. Forgiveness must be experienced to be experienced, and it really is all about you and your capacity for more and more aliveness. 

Then it’s no longer a question of whether to forgive or not to forgive. You will automatically forgive because you recognize that beyond the concepts of wrongdoing and rightdoing is a field where all is One.


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