The Grace Space with Alison Wearing: Holding Your Story With Grace


In this interview with my good friend Alison Wearing, we explore how to make sense of our lives through the act of writing, and ultimately, transcend the stories that have defined us so that we can be free to become truly the authors of our own lives.

Alison is a bestselling, multiple award-winning writer, playwright and performer -- a multi-talented adventurer with deep insight into the transformational process.

Join our conversation where we discuss...

  • why we (and especially women) feel compelled to write our own stories
  • how the rigour of good writing can free us from distortion and projection
  • the use of the creative imagination to manifest a reality through the page
  • how writing about the past can initiate a healing process and change the future

"The work we need to do to create great art is actually the same work we need to do to become a fuller, richer, more expansive human being”, Alison says. This goes to the heart of our illuminating and inspiring discussion in The Grace Space.

You can join Alison's popular memoir-writing program online! Details below!

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Learn more about Alison Wearing:

If you've ever thought about writing a memoir, you'll love Alison's popular online program, Memoir Writing Ink.!

Check out her website HERE.

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