There's something holding you back. It's invisible. It's in every cell of your being. And it's been sabotaging you your whole life.  Every time you wanted something but you were afraid to go for it.  Every time you had an idea that you talked yourself out of. Every time you had a dream that gradually faded away.... it was there.

You were programmed. We were all programmed. And there was nothing we could do about it. Up until now.

Today in The Grace Space we're going to talk about the mental program that's kept you inside a box for as long as you can remember. Everybody's got one. It's called a paradigm, and it's a prison of limitation that no amount of intellect can break you out of.

You can graduate from the best schools with the highest honours, but they didn't give you what you really needed to make your way in life: awareness.

Awareness is your key to transcending your paradigm.

The paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behaviour. It's lodged in your subconscious mind and influences all your behaviour, and ultimately, your vibration.

It's creating your results right now.

In this episode of The Grace Space, you'll learn:

  • where your paradigm comes from, how it was programmed, and the degree to which it controls every aspect of your life
  • why it can feel so difficult to break free from your paradigm
  • the relationship between your personal paradigm and the mass paradigms, and how to use this understanding to contextualize and make sense of current world events 
  • most importantly, how you can CHANGE your paradigm

I give you a fun process that will reveal to you the presence of your paradigm, and how to recognize it when it shows up. The paradigm is not your enemy: it is your greatest opportunity for growth.

Chapter Markers:

00:00:53 Top of Episode
00:01:56 The only problem in life is ignorance, and the solution is Awareness
00:05:52 What is a paradigm?
00:07:47 Shifting paradigms on the planetary scale, and why everything's so crazy right now
00:10:00 How your personal paradigm was formed
00:12:55 The areas of your life your paradigm has enormous influence over
00:16:35 The key to changing your paradigm
00:20:45 Practice: dusting for paradigms

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