The Gifts of Grace: Reason


We’re continuing our series on the Gifts of Grace, these amazing faculties that we’ve been gifted with that are our interface with the Infinite Intelligence, whose purpose is to help us literally create anything we want.

Your higher mental faculty of Reason is what you use to continually harmonize yourself with Universal Law. It is the right use of your thinking.

And it turns out that when you truly use your higher spiritual gift of reason, you sometimes act in ways that are anything but reasonable according to conventional thinking!

In this episode of The Grace Space, we'll explore...

  • what True Thinking is, and how few people actually do it (between 1 and 3% of the population) - and how to become part of this elite group of thinkers
  • the difference between True Thinking and mental activity
  • the one thing you must be willing to do if you truly want to merge with your destiny stream
  • the new standard of literacy in the future, and how to get on board with it

I also share with you a practice to help you connect to your higher faculty of Reason

Episode Timings:

00:00:53 Top of Episode
00:01:07 You can have anything you want
00:02:29 Understanding of Universal Law as the new standard of literacy
00:06:17 What is Reason, really?
00:07:38 The human radio
00:08:27 Your paradigm controls your 5 senses
00:10:43 How to return to sanity
00:13:37 True Thinking and how to do it
00:15:37 Don't be reasonable!
00:19:37 A practice for connecting with your higher faculty of Reason

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