The Gifts of Grace: Memory


Did you know you have a perfect memory?

Memory is one of our higher mental functions, one of the gifts of divine grace we've been freely given in order to co-create with the Infinite Intelligence so that we can live truly fulfilling lives.

Most people believe their memory is fallible. However, memory is a gift that can be developed. Not only that, you can use your gift of memory in surprising ways.

In this episode of The Grace Space, I help you to achieve a different perspective on your memory so that you can trust it and unlock its power.

You'll learn...

  • why you actually have a perfect memory
  • how simple mnemonic devices can quickly prove to you that your memory is infallible
  • that literally EVERYTHING you've ever experienced is recorded in your subconscious mind - and that you can access it if you know how
  • how to use 'future memory' to become a vibrational match for the life of your dreams and manifest anything you desire

... and much more!

I also share with you a profound meditation where you 'remember' your future and consult with a wise being from the future: Yourself!

Episode Timings:
00:00:53 Top of Episode
00:01:14 The decision to develop your higher gifts
00:01:54 Your memory is a divine gift
00:03:28 Your paradigms affect your memory
00:05:31 Looking at memory in a new way
00:07:34 Memory tips from the stage
00:08:38 The astounding recording faculty of your subconscious mind
00:10:47 The secret to remembering anything
00:11:57 Future memory
00:16:32 Memory as a technology for vibrational alignment
00:18:03 Future Self process

The Memory Book, Jerry Lucas & Harry Lorraine

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