Manifest Grace: Ego and I AM


The manifest world unfolds automatically around us according to our dominant state of consciousness, and what is held in mind tends to appear in our reality.

To manifest consciously is not only to become aware of and direct thought in a focused and intentional way, but also to realize that whatever we materialize from the personal self, severed from the deeper dimension of Being, will not satisfy us for long.

In this episode in our series Manifest Grace, you will gain greater awareness of...

  • where your true Source of Supply originates, and how to access it
  • what the ego is, how not to take it too seriously or personally, whether it's operating in yourself or in another
  • why 'getting what you want' is never enough and only increases suffering
  • how little you actually have to DO in order to live in harmony with the Laws of life, and how to shift paradigms from doing to being

And much more in this rich episode.

You'll find relief here from the pressure and heaviness of the egoic sense of self and soar above its thick cloud layer to the beautiful blue sky of the I AM -- the deeper dimension of your nature and True Self.

I give you a process to help you begin to do just that.

Bonus Content and Links!

Episode Worksheet: Who Am I?

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