Walk in Grace: The Law of Sacrifice



Welcome back to our series Walk in Grace where we're studying the Universal Laws of Creation. Your awareness of these laws and their implementation is essential to your happiness and success in life.

While the Law of Sacrifice might not sound like a whole lotta fun, it's actually a major key to spiritual power, and it's important to remember that we are never asked to give up the greater for the lesser, we are always encouraged to give up the lesser for the greater.

The Law of Sacrifice teaches us to trust that we can let go of what is lesser. That there's more for us than we ever imagined. 

It supports us in moving from strength to strength rather than playing small in life.

In today's episode, you'll learn...

  • not to confuse drama with Life
  • why the desire for discipline is the beginning of wisdom
  • why sacrifice is never about deprivation
  • how to build trust in yourself with discipline
  • why you MUST have a vision to benefit from the Law of Sacrifice

and much more! I share with you a personal story of how discipline helped me to leap over and dissolve the abyss of depression, and I offer you a practice for Focusing Your Thought Laser so you can come into wonderful harmony with the Law of Sacrifice, and gain the greater.

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