Walk in Grace: The Law of Compensation


You can have anything you truly want if you understand the immutable Laws of Creation. In this series Walk in Grace, we're looking at a different facet of the Law each week to help you deepen your understanding so you can gain mastery over your creative powers.

Today we're discovering the Law of Compensation, which will help you actualize the highest version of yourself and realize your highest potential. As you do so, you naturally harmonize with the Law of Compensation, and will be richly rewarded for giving of your highest gifts.

In this episode, you will learn...

  • you are always compensated by the universe in all areas of life proportionate to your service to others in alignment with your true purpose
  • how the Law of Compensation teaches you to lift yourself up from where you are now to where you rightfully belong as a child of the Creator
  • the two 'investments' you make every day that will always bring you into harmony with the Law of Compensation and  yield the results you're looking for
  • Why no one can ever take anything away from you, nor you from them

And much more! I also share with you three behaviours which can block our access to the frequency that's harmonious with the Law of Compensation, and a process to help you notice where they might be at play in your own life so you can shift your thinking and open up to the flow again.

Bonus Content and Links!

PDF Download: Notice and Dissolve Blocking Behaviours

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