Walk in Grace: The Law of Receiving



Welcome to our current series Walk in Grace where each week we’re looking at the universal laws of life to increase our awareness and gain a level of understanding that will free us to live truly unlimited lives.

This week we're focused on the Law of Receiving.

The truth is, we can’t talk about the Law of Receiving without talking about Giving.  We’re only able to receive in proportion to what we give. Therefore, the more we give, the more we can receive.

This is one of these spiritual safeguards within the Law of Life. The spirit of life is always for expansion and fuller expression, and so the more we contribute, the more we give of ourselves in every way that it is possible to give, the more we will receive.

In today's episode you're going to learn...

  • how a society of 'consumers' can only be based on scarcity consciousness, and how to heal that consciousness within ourselves and as a collective
  • how to jump start any area of stagnation in your life, be it in your vocation, relationships, or finances and get the energy moving
  • the one mental habit almost everyone has that blocks our ability to receive what we truly want

And lots more. I also share a story with you about a good friend of mine who leaned into the Law of Receiving -- by giving -- and used it to create a whole new level of success and prosperity right in the middle of the pandemic. She demonstrated a powerful truth: we make our own economy by following the Law.

Then I give you a process you can use to receive in an area where you're feeling constriction by leaning into giving, so you can prove to yourself they are two sides of the same coin!

Bonus Content and Links!

PDF Download: Give to Receive

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