The Gifts of Grace: Imagination


We all have access to the mind of the Infinite -- in fact, our mind IS the mind of the Infinite. These Gifts of Grace are our interface with the higher mind, and if we learn how to use them, we can access and benefit from the answer to any question, the solution to any problem, and discover the pathway to any dream.

The first gift is your very own imagination -- the workshop of creative genius within you. We all have imagination (even if you think you don't!), but many of us use this extremely powerful gift improperly, and we end up creating results we don't want. Once you realize how your imagination fits into the way you create your reality, you'll be in a much better position to use it consciously and for your highest good.

In this episode, I share with you some experiences in my life as an actress that taught me the power of imagination to affect the subconscious mind -- for better or for worse! Some things I learned, I learned the hard way. But I learned.

You'll also discover

  • how we lose touch with our creative imagination, and how to get it back
  • how you could be using your imagination unconsciously and to your detriment
  • just how powerfully you affect your subconscious mind with your habitual thoughts and mental images

We'll also do fun a little experiment on the spot that will PROVE to you that your thoughts are affecting your physiology!

And, as always, I give you a practical process to experience the power of your imagination in a focused and simple way. See what happens!

[00:00:50]  The Six Gifts of Grace
[00:03:20] Why we've been given these gifts
[00:04:59] Your divine gift of Imagination and its true function
[00:08:29] The proper and healthy use of your imagination
[00:11:03] How I once used my imagination to hurt myself
[00:17:35] Imagine a lemon and see what happens
[00:20:39] This week's process and practice

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