The Grace of Gratitude: Evidence of Things Not Seen


In this last episode in our series on the Grace of Gratitude, we're going to look at exactly how gratitude functions inside the technology of conscious manifestation.

There's a lot of talk about the law of attraction and manifesting, and lots of people talking about 'learning how to manifest'. But the truth is, you are already perfect at manifesting, because it's your nature to generate a reality as easily as you breathe. In fact, we don't have a choice in the matter. We are already using the law of attraction and manifesting a reality because we are subject to those laws!

What we can all learn to get better at is creating results we want, rather than results we don't want, and that comes down to our thinking and feeling. The universe can only do for us what it can do through us, and the Creative Power within us can only run through the template we give it, according to our level of awareness.

In this episode, you'll learn how important the practice of gratitude is in the process of turning the images in your mind into a living reality that you can experience with your five senses. 

Here are some of the things you'll discover:

  • how it is you're creating results you DON'T want, and how to break free from the trance of your programming
  • the one thing you must surrender in order to extricate yourself from victim consciousness and truly empower yourself
  • what the law of attraction is REALLY based on
  • how you can use gratitude to collapse time and operate outside the norms that most people believe they are bound by

I also share with you a process for focusing on something specific you wish to create in your experience, and how to use gratitude to close the loop and 'seal' your practice of conscious manifestation. This is the secret ingredient that makes all the difference!

[01:21] Working with the laws of nature to create your reality consciously
[02:00 Why you're already perfect at manifesting
[03:03] How we end up with results we don't like, and the process of unconscious programming or indoctrination
[05:55] The real reason you're listening to this podcast!
[07:00] The Law of Vibration and why it matters to you
[09:18] Are you in victim consciousness? How to tell.
[11:38] The process of Creation is always the same, and how gratitude plays a crucial role in manifestation
[12:52] The gratitude key and how it collapses time
[14:00] Completion: how to know when you've done your part in materializing your desire
[15:38] Your weekly experiment and process

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