The Grace of Gratitude: Transformative Gratitude

In this episode of The Grace Space, we're looking at gratitude as the access portal to abundance.

Most of us are familiar with the kind of ordinary gratitude we’re taught as children as a matter of etiquette and politeness – the importance of saying thank you when we receive something, like a gift or a compliment, for example.

But there's a whole other level of gratitude that is generative, literally creative. It has the power to open our hearts and expand our lives. It can literally change the reality that we experience. We could call this Transformative Gratitude.

In this episode, I share a personal memory of my own spontaneous experience of transformative gratitude, and how to access this level of gratitude. You'll discover:

  • how transformative gratitude helps us make a dimensional shift beyond the form we currently occupy into greater and subtler dimensions of our nature that exist beyond form
  • the simple but crucial practice of 'generating state' I teach all my clients
  • why gratitude is harmonious with the frequency of abundance and how to get on that frequency, no matter what's going on in your life right now

And... I bust the myth of 'hope' as an elevated emotion or a positive state. That's right! It ain't!

I also provide you with 3 powerful questions to ask yourself that will help you make welcome the feeling of spontaneous, transformative gratitude.

[00:59] The difference between ordinary gratitude and transformative gratitude
[02:24] That moment in Corsica when I felt the touch of the Infinite
[06:42] How transformative gratitude helps us break the bonds of limitation and literally transcend the form
[07:38] The practice of 'generating state', and how it moves us from the stress response of the nervous system to the relaxation response of the nervous system
[11:32] Why 'hope' doesn't help
[12:35] Replacing hope with gratitude to empower yourself
[13:45] Building your spiritual power as a Master Mind
[14:20] Journaling questions

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