The Grace of Gratitude: Gratitude is Giving


Gratitude as a way of life is an evolving, growing, life-giving relationship with all that is. A gratitude that simply IS.

This constant interactive gratitude in relationship to the Power that breathes us is based on our focus. We’re focused on giving thanks, no matter what. When we get to a certain level of fluency (that just means ‘flow’ right?), we flow with gratitude.

When we enter into the flow of gratitude, it leads to perpetual increase, because gratitude is on the same frequency as abundance! The more you give thanks to the spirit of life, the more the spirit of life will give you to be thankful for.

We often think of gratitude in terms of receiving, but actually, we can come to realize a deeper truth about gratitude: gratitude is giving.

In this episode, we explore together one of Wallace Wattles' key power quotes from his classic, The Science of Getting Rich, and what this has to do with the practice of gratitude. You'll learn:

  • a new, empowering way of looking at the word 'atonement', and the hidden truth it contains. Can you guess??
  • How the giving of thanks and praise elevates your vibration and activates the Law of Circulation
  • What to do when you feel your gratitude waning, so that you don't impede the good that is coming to you

And, I lead you through a process of how to supercharge with gratitude an experience many of us call a chore, or downright hate doing -- paying the bills! You'll learn a new way to approach this seemingly mundane and necessary activity that will radically change your relationship to it!

Then I challenge you to a step-by-step process that will transform your relationship to anything you normally consider a pain, and that has been difficult for you - up until now - to cultivate gratitude in.

Don't miss this power-packed episode. It will galvanize your relationship with abundance!

[01:22] Gratitude as a way of life is all about your relationship with your own Infinite; how it renews, restores and rejuvenates us and is based on our focus.
[03:24] A moment of wisdom and inspiration from Shakespeare!
[04:52] The hidden truth in the word 'atonement'
[06:34] Intimacy with the Infinite; the Infinite is aware of our every vibration at every single moment
[09:37] What to do when you feel your gratitude wane; dealing with disappointment, hurt and resistance
[12:13] The most powerful way to pay your bills, no matter how much is in your account!
[17:22] Your experiment with Life this week; a 3-step process to transform your relationship to any experience that feels like a pain

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