Walk in Grace: The Law of Thinking


Welcome to a brand new series on The Grace Space! I'm so excited to kick off a power-packed introduction to the Laws of the Universe called Walk in Grace.

And that's exactly what you'll learn to do through this series, walk in grace, in harmony with the laws of Creation. We’re going to be looking at a bunch of different universal laws, how they work, and how to get in harmony with them, because once you do, your life is going to flow with so much more ease and grace.

What are the Universal Laws? Simply put, they are immutable principles that form the process by which the invisible becomes the visible. And they are your key to health, wealth, and true happiness.

My aim through this series is to increase your fluency with these laws by which you create your reality so that you can become the conscious creator of your life. Today we begin with the Law of Thinking.

In this episode you'll learn

  • why taking charge of your thinking is the first step to freedom
  • the difference between Thinking and mental activity
  • why we're attracted to bad news, the vicious cycle you don't even know you're in that wears you down physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and how to extricate yourself from it
  • how to truly Think and direct your awesome God-given creative power to your advantage instead of your disadvantage

I also share with you a practice with a series of questions you can ask to learn to observe and change your thinking from paradigm-driven mental activity to true Thinking so you can create anything you truly want.

Chapter Markers:

00:00:53 Top of Episode
00:01:55 What are Universal Laws and why it's so important for you
00:05:21 The pearl of great price
00:08:54 The Law of Thinking
00:11:53 Why we're attracted to bad news and the self-destructive cycle of not being in control of your thinking
00:13:54 You can choose your thoughts. Really.
00:16:07 Maria, driving stick, and the thunderbolt of righteous Thinking
00:21:19 How to direct your awesome power of thought
00:21:53 Practice: observe and change your thinking

Bonus Content and Links!

PDF Download: Observe and Change Your Thinking

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