The Gifts of Grace: The Will


Will is one of your spiritual gifts, but most people misunderstand what this power is. When I refer to the spiritual will, it has nothing to do with what we traditionally think of as willpower.

So often when we use our will, we end up in push energy, control, manipulation, or some other form of compulsion, either toward ourselves, other people or situations. This kind of willpower belongs to the consciousness of struggle, where we are focused on the outside world of facts and conditions and attempt to impose our will on matter. It is the least efficient way to operate and only leads to frustration and eventual failure.

The spiritual gift of The Will is altogether different. It works together with your imagination, and is your ability to focus the beam of your attention consciously and consistently on the image born of your imagination -- your vision -- regardless of any appearances or circumstances or conditions in the present that might contradict that image. 

In this episode of The Grace Space, you'll learn

  • why the Will is so crucial in the manifestation of your dreams
  • that what you want has nothing to do with how much it costs
  • a mantra you can say to yourself when self-limiting paradigms erode your focus on the life you would love to create for yourself

I also teach you an ancient yogic practice anyone can do to train and develop the beam of your concentration, so that you can move from diffused and scattered to laser-like focus on what you want.

00:00:52] You have unlimited potential
[00:01:45] It's time to give up the struggle
[00:04:04] The gifts of grace point the way Home
[00:07:26] The Spiritual Will
[00:09:25] Will + Imagination = Manifestation
[00:11:31] Becoming a vibrational match for your dream
[00:13:53] The Law of Belief
[00:15:29] A mantra for focus
[00:17:33] What the yogis understood that we could benefit from
[00:18:30] The ancient (and very simple) practice of Tratakam

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