Walk in Grace: The Law of Attraction


A great master of yoga was once asked to define enlightenment. He answered simply, “No stress.” That may seem overly simple at first glance, but it’s actually very profound. Stress is a sign that we’re out of the flow.

Today in The Grace Space: The Law of Attraction.

Wallace Wattles said, "The laws which govern every individual are as exact as the laws which govern the material universe. The Law of Attraction will deliver to you what you do not want as quickly and as certainly as it will deliver what you do want."

Even though many people have heard of the Law of Attraction, that doesn't mean they have any true understanding of it or how to use it to benefit themselves. We're all subject to the Law of Attraction at all times, but if we don't understand it clearly, we often end up attracting what we don't want.

Which is exactly why I created this episode: to help you understand the subtleties of this Law which are often misunderstood or overlooked! 

Here's what you'll learn

  • the Law of Attraction is a secondary law! You've got to understand Vibration first
  • how to get on the frequency of what you want
  • the two sides of the Law of Attraction, desire and expectation, both of which are necessary for the manifestation of what you want
  • why so many people live in the land of idle dreaming, wishing and hoping, and how to get yourself out of the trap of hope

And much more!

I also give you a process for using the power of your mind to increase the amount of good in your life through the Law of Attraction.

Chapter Markers:
00:00:53 Top of Episode
00:03:34 The Law of Attraction. You've heard of it but do you really know how it works?00:07:07 The inner workings of the Law of Attraction
00:09:21 Why we fail to attract what we want, and the two phases of the Law of Attraction
00:14:37 The process of attraction simplified
00:16:40 Where is your focus, REALLY? LOA snafus.
00:20:40 Process: Increase the amount of good in your life through the Law of Attraction

Bonus Content and Links!

PDF Download: Increase the amount of Good in your life through the Law of Attraction

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