Manifest Grace: If Not NOW, When?


When we become aware of Spiritual Law and begin to take responsibility for our creations, we feel a new sense of empowerment. To realize our thinking is at the root of what we manifest in life is also tremendously liberating.

It is still easy to get caught up in striving, however. As we deepen our understanding of the Law through direct experience, we come to realize that we can only create from our current level of awareness.

If we are conceive of the future, our 'dream life', as being 'better' than the present moment, we are trapped in dualistic thinking, and missing the only access point there is for true creativity and intelligence, and our dreams, to enter into our lives: the NOW.

In this episode, you will learn...

  • why the NOW is the only point of power, and how to access that dimension within yourself
  • why the egoic self will do anything to avoid the NOW
  • to sense the deeper dimension of You which underlies the conditioned self with its paradigms
  • how to know when you are out of alignment with the Law

This week I've also created a special Presence Meditation for you to listen to, rather than a worksheet, which you can listen to when you realize you are lost in your form identity. 

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Presence Meditation

How I Found My Voice Again

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