Walk in Grace: The Law of Obedience



Welcome to the continuation of our series Walk in Grace, where each week we are examining in depth the different facets of Universal Law.

The Law is One, and yet as we discover and deepen our understanding of its different threads of power, we find our spiritual power increasing, and our consciousness opening up to greater and greater horizons.

It is in the study and embodiment of the Laws that we come to value and profoundly respect them, and as we do so we naturally come into harmony with the Law of Obedience.

The Law of Obedience is not subservience to some external or oppressive power. Rather, it is obedience to the Laws of your Being, and what is natural to your True Self.

In this episode, you'll learn

  • why 'living rightly', in harmony with the Law, has nothing to do with morality
  • to see through appearances of chaos or disorder to the Truth of perfect harmony and order
  • how to distinguish between what is 'normal' and what is 'natural'
  • the importance of cutting our allegiance to normality in order to anchor the mission of our Soul and express our highest potential

...and much more! You'll open your mind to the beautiful paradox that Obedience is the ultimate liberation which transcends time and space, freeing not only us, but our ancestors and our descendants.  

And, I share with you a practice to help you get involved with the Law of Obedience right away.

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