Walk in Grace: The Law of Forgiveness


Welcome as we continue in our study and discovery of the Universal Laws by which this entire creation operates, and by which we ourselves are operating whether we realize it or not!

Forgiveness is a Law of the Universe, honoured as a main pillar of every spiritual tradition. 
It is a radical and powerful way of life that builds a bridge between our finite self and our Infinite Nature. 

Forgiveness is sometimes misunderstood as excusing bad behaviour or forgetting about the past, but it's actually a dynamic and cleansing act of self-love that delivers peace of mind and develops spiritual muscle.

In today's episode, you'll learn...

  • why forgiveness is a principal tool in the dissolution of karma  (which is really just another word for paradigm)!
  • what forgiveness ISN'T
  • why it's so essential to have a vision for your life and the role that vision plays in your ability to forgive
  • to take the curse off a very loaded word -- sin -- by considering it from a more enlightened perspective

I also share what getting dumped by a boyfriend years ago taught me about poisonous thinking and what I wish I'd known at the time! 

And I give you a process to help you Weed The Garden of Your Mind.

Bonus Content and Links!

PDF Download: Weed The Garden Of Your Mind

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