The Grace of Forgiveness: Sacred Friends


There are things that require an even greater space to forgive.

The term 'sacred friend' was coined by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to describe those people or situations in life that are hardest to love and hardest to forgive

Even though you may have consciously tried to forgive a sacred friend, for whatever reason, every time that person, or that situation, comes up in your mind, you feel that pinch of contraction inside yourself that tells you 'you are not yet free'.

A sacred friend can be another person. But it can also be a situation, or a condition. 

In this episode, you'll learn why having a sacred friend is a major spiritual opportunity, and that with the help of the Power that’s breathing youyou can forgive anything. The grace of being able to forgive actually comes from this Power within you.

In fact, the greater the seeming adversity or obstacle to forgiveness, the greater the benefit to us when we dissolve it.

We can shift our perspective 

  • by seeing a sacred friend as something to be grateful in, because it’s there to help us evolve our hearts, develop spiritual muscle, and transcend the polarities of the human experience 
  • by remembering the spiritual truth that even though we tend to attach an emotional charge to them, circumstances are always neutral
  • by seeing a sacred friend as an opportunity for us to liberate a tremendous amount of energy that’s been tied up in conflict or resistance 

When we feel the most stuck in negativity, our best option is to find something we are more interested in than the negativity we are carrying. This is where having a vision for the life we would really love living can help us to release the past.

I also share a process with you to help you dissolve and transcend the negative emotional charge associated with your sacred friend, so that you can move on to the life and destiny that await you.

What gift could you receive by transforming your relationship to your sacred friend?


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