Walk in Grace: The Law of Non-Resistance


I created The Grace Space to give you a place to harmonize your thinking with Truth. This series Walk in Grace focuses on the immutable Laws of the universe which govern all creation. As you fall in love with these Laws, you fall in love with yourself.

Today we're discovering the Law of Non-Resistance, which is about surrender to the flow of life. Resistance always sets up an opposing force, against which you will inevitably find yourself struggling, and the more you struggle against the thing we don’t want, the greater it grows.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • how resistance most commonly shows up
  • the difference between reacting to life and responding to life, and why we all benefit from cultivating our response-ability
  • why the war on drugs/terror/cancer/anything never works
  • how to work with seeming obstacles and opposition 

And lots more! I share with you a personal story about what a New York City bus ride taught me about going with the flow, and give you a process with four ways to go with the flow that will have you experiencing more joy, ease, relaxation and a growing trust that everything in this universe is FOR you.

Bonus Content and Links!

PDF Download: 4 Ways to Go With The Flow

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