The Gifts of Grace: Perception


Here we are in our last episode in the series The Gifts of Grace.

We’ve been studying the higher mental faculties, spiritual gifts that we’ve all been given so that we may communicate with the Infinite Intelligence which is everywhere present and within us so we can live a life we truly love.

We are the only creatures on planet earth who can consciously choose to change our Perception about something.

Our physical brain is an amazing switching station that can shift to different frequencies of thought.

Your perception is how you see and interpret the events of life, and perception is always determined by your paradigm. However, you can develop your higher gift of Perception by consciously choosing to align with a higher way of viewing the events of life - by continually looking for the good.

Far from a Pollyanna approach to life, this is a practice of spiritual rigour that yields incalculable benefits and massively increases your access to spiritual power.

In this episode of The Grace Space, you'll learn

  • exactly how your paradigm controls your perception
  • how to move out of victim consciousness and into co-creator consciousness
  • a radical idea that can shift your perception instantly, if you're willing to accept it!
  • how to transcend polarity so that your state of being is inner-determined rather than outer-determined

And much more! I also share with you a personal story about how limited perception cost me a Broadway role back in the day, and I give you a special exercise to help you shift your perception with regard to any problem you may currently be facing.

Episode Timings:

00:00:53 Top of Episode
00:01:35 We are the only creatures who can consciously change our perception
00:04:48 The first shift in perception: coming out of victim consciousness. A personal story.
00:08:00 Perception is based on paradigm
00:12:01 Circumstances are neutral
00:13:51 Using the Law of Polarity to your advantage
00:17:42 A practice for developing your power of Perception

Episode Resources:

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Watch this video for a truly masterful example of the right use of Perception :-)

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