The Grace Space

The Grace Space

Hosted by: Claire Lautier

The Grace Space is your cocoon of sanity in an evolving world, where we learn about spiritual law, and how to apply it to our lives in a way that is practical and life-changing. I give you tools for creating a life...


The Grace Space with Alison Wearing: Holding Your Story With Grace

Season #1 Episode #38

In this interview with my good friend Alison Wearing, we explore how to make sense of our lives through the act of writing, and ultimately, transcend the stories that have defined us so that we can be free to become...
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Manifest Grace: Ego and I AM

Season #1 Episode #37

The manifest world unfolds automatically around us according to our dominant state of consciousness, and what is held in mind tends to appear in our reality. To manifest consciously is not only to become aware of and...
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Choose Your New Frequency with Kristina Furia

Season #1 Episode #36

My guest in The Grace Space today is Transformation Coach Kristina Furia of Your New Frequency. Kristina spent the first ten years of her career as a mental health counselor and psychotherapist before realizing her...
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Manifest Grace: If Not NOW, When?

Season #1 Episode #35

When we become aware of Spiritual Law and begin to take responsibility for our creations, we feel a new sense of empowerment. To realize our thinking is at the root of what we manifest in life is also tremendously...
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Journey to the Grace of Self Love with Lili Barbery-Coulon

Season #1 Episode #34

Today in The Grace Space I'm happy to introduce you to a friend of mine, Lili Barbery-Coulon.  Lili is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and the author of two books, including Reconciliation: From Body Hatred to Self-Love...
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Manifest Grace: Don't Worry. Be Happy:-)

Season #1 Episode #33

This series Manifest Grace is an in-depth exploration of the intimate details of our most private and public human process – the act of generating of our reality.In this episode, we look at how the habit of worry...
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The Grace Space: Daniel Scranton

Season #1 Episode #32

I'm delighted to introduce you to Daniel Scranton, someone who truly exemplifies the spiritual principle of 'changing the channel'.Daniel is a verbal channel, spiritual teacher and sound healer. He also discovered an...
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Manifest Grace: Your Marvelous Mind

Season #1 Episode #31

Manifest Grace is a new series whose purpose is to get into your most intimate creative act: how you manifest your reality, either consciously or unconsciously.The process of manifestation is a love story between the...
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Manifest Your Dynamic Destiny with Peggy McColl

Season #1 Episode #30

It's a privilege and a pleasure to welcome our very first guest into The Grace Space. And what a guest!Today I'm delighted to be speaking with world-renowned wealth, business and manifestation expert as well as the...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Success

Season #1 Episode #29

The Law of Success helps you to change your perception of yourself and your capacities. When you realize you were designed for success, and that success is the universe's intention for you, you can relax into knowing...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Obedience

Season #1 Episode #28

Welcome to the continuation of our series Walk in Grace, where each week we are examining in depth the different facets of Universal Law.The Law is One, and yet as we discover and deepen our understanding of its...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Sacrifice

Season #1 Episode #27

Welcome back to our series Walk in Grace where we're studying the Universal Laws of Creation. Your awareness of these laws and their implementation is essential to your happiness and success in life.While the Law of...
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