The Grace of Gratitude: Worthy of All Good

It can be hard to feel grateful when you don't feel worthy. Many of us unconsciously come from a place of unworthiness, including people who appear to be high-achievers. We can't outperform our self-esteem; however, we can increase it by understanding what our true sense of self-worth is derived from.

In this episode of The Grace Space, I share with you a story about the time my poverty in gratitude was exposed. It wasn't easy to face, but it revealed the connection between my sense of self-worth and my ability to be grateful, and helped me to heal a lot of shame.

The grace of gratitude is that it's like a magnet that attracts abundance into our experience, and the truth is we may unconsciously resist feeling gratitude because we feel unworthy of all the good that it brings.

During those difficult moments where we feel isolated, abandoned or unworthy, like we have to go it alone, we disconnect from the power of gratitude. But it's a simple matter to to be reminded of and connect with the Power that's breathing us, which is the Source of all gratitude.

This episode will help you tune into and discover

  • how to remember and reconnect with gratitude through the Power that's breathing you
  • where to look for your true sense of worth (it has NOTHING to do with anything you were told about what makes you worthy)
  • how to use the '3-day moment' to discover the good in any circumstance

I also remind you that Life is never withholding from you, EVER. We have a choice to make with each new day, with each moment, and especially at those moments that offer us more starkly the opportunity to create a life of gratitude and abundance, or a life of resentment, or blame, or playing small. This is what operates the valve on how much goodness we allow in our lives at any given moment.

I give you a 'mantra' for growing your intrinsic sense of worthiness, and invite you to journal on 3 questions that will open you up to the possibilities for what you can create in your life, because you are worthy of all good.

[01:25] I confess my poverty in gratitude to my Teacher, and open Pandora's box
[02:59] There is a deep relationship between self-worth and gratitude
[03:45] How to develop spiritual muscle and resilience
[04:46] Overcoming contractive impulses in the midst of difficulty
[06:46] Where our true sense of worthiness comes from
[09:09] What to do when 'bad' things happen
[09:47] The 3-day moment
[11:09] The self-worth connection
[12:21] Life is not withholding anything from us
[12:55] The lesson I learned from the Gratitude card

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