Is Your Dream Right For You?

blog Jun 01, 2020

It is important that the dream or goal we put our energy into is one that is in alignment with our purpose and core values. Geoffrey Avert said that, “The most important thing about having a goal is having one.” The same goes for your dream. You must first establish your dream, and establish that this dream is a good fit for you before it can be manifested into a reality.

It’s not a question of whether you are worthy of your dream, but whether your dream is, in fact, worthy of YOU. Worthy of the life force energy that you will devote to materializing it, and worthy of the of the Power that’s breathing you and which brought you into being.

Here are five questions that will help you determine whether or not your dream is right for you…

  1. Do you feel passion for your dream? When you’ve chosen the right dream you will feel emotionally connected to it. Thinking about your dream will give you an expanded sense of aliveness.
  2. Does the dream align with your core values? Your dream must align with your core values in order for it to manifest. If your dream is in conflict with your values, the universe will redirect you to fulfill the essence of what you are longing for, in harmony with your most important and highest values. It is important to know what your values are.
  3. Does your dream cause you to grow? Will you have to learn new skills, do things you’ve never done before?
  4. Do you need help from a Higher Power? If you know all the steps to bring your dream to fruition, it’s not a big enough dream. Dreams are the Universe’s way of helping us grow and expand ourselves.
  5. Is there good in your dream for others? The Universe is always seeking expansion, and a dream that is aligned with your true self will always include some good for others.

Your mind may play host to a myriad of wishes, but you need to distinguish your deepest desire from whims and passing fancies. You are endowed with the power to choose that dream closest to your heart, and by co- creating with God, you can embark on a path that will manifest that dream.


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