Four Steps to Activating Your Abundance

blog Jul 01, 2020

Good news: you get to choose what kind of life you are going to live.
Some people live ninety years; some people live one year ninety times. You can live a life ruled by discontent and unsettledness, or you can live a life overflowing with abundance.

What kind of life are you willing to live?

Step 1: Ask yourself whether you are willing to live in abundance.
There are two houses, one with electricity and one without. The wires are available to them both, but only those in the lit house have figured out how to hook themselves up. Those in the lit house are not “lucky.” They are simply plugged into the laws of electricity.
In the same way, people who achieve success in life are not lucky. Wellbeing and a sense of full aliveness are not accidental. Everything works according to Law. The people who live in an ever-improving state of wellbeing do things a certain way. They have learned the secrets of the universal law, and they practice them with ever-greater skill throughout their lives.

Anyone can have abundance in life. We are supposed to have abundance. We are meant for it. The universe doesn’t hold abundance back; its very nature is abundance. So if we are not experiencing abundance, we are somehow holding it from ourselves, through our paradigms, or unconscious belief systems.

Your first step is to ask yourself a question: Would it really be okay if the universe opened the door to you? Would it really be okay if you began to live at a much higher octave of abundance? Are you willing?

Step 2: Say Yes!
Don’t answer the question quickly. You set new things in motion just by that answer. If you say YES – a really wholehearted YES – new things will happen just by that YES! Your answer requires a decision to allow a higher level of good to come to you. If you feel any kind of contraction inside yourself, or any kind of fear, then you are hesitant. You are not able to manage a broader level of experience because you are not yet truly willing. Saying YES to abundance is saying yes to life itself, and to your birthright. Things will change, mark my words. If you say “I really want to live in harmony, I really want to live in the abundance of the universe,” then your life will begin to grow in abundance in every way, not just financially! Open yourself up to the flow, and surrender.

Step 3: Grasp your “Set Point.” Somewhere in your belief system, you have a set point for how much abundance you believe you can have. If you want to know what your set point is, look at your life. We create the lives we believe we ought to have: a certain amount of love, a certain amount of money, a certain amount of happiness. These beliefs may not be conscious, but they are still there, controlling our level of abundance like a thermostatic setting.

Of course, sometimes something extraordinary overcomes our set point. We might receive an inheritance, or win the lottery. Surprising, wonderful things can come into our lives, but unless we have built a consciousness that can hold the experience and make it ours, we will find some way to get rid of it. Over 90% of lottery winners return to their original incomes within three years of winning the lottery—even those who win millions and millions of dollars. Somehow they spend money, give money away, buy things that lose value, until they have no winnings left, and they have returned to their set point. To really win the lottery, you have to build a consciousness that attracts and accepts and stabilizes abundance.

There is no set point in the universe. The set point is marked according to our own thinking. Pay attention to your set point and how it plays out in relationships, finances, and the freedom and flow with which you move through the material world. Allow subconscious beliefs and attitudes to surface so you can look at them and decide whether they are true or just an old belief that needs to be replaced.

Step 4: Pour clean water in a muddy bucket.
If you have a bucket with muddy water in the bottom, you don’t have to get the mud out. You just need to pour in clear water. As you begin the process of activating abundance, you will begin to learn the beliefs you hold that say NO. For example, maybe you have a subconscious belief that there’s something more spiritual or pious in poverty than in wealth. It doesn’t matter where this belief comes from. You don’t need to understand the roots of your beliefs, and you don’t have to dig them out. Just focus on your YES. Pour in the clear water, and eventually every limitation will be gone.


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